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New ways to advertise by going large

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If you are about to start an advertising campaign but your budget will not stretch to billboards, television or other national mediums, then it is time to consider other cheaper options that are just as effective. These could include pop up banners, building wraps or large canvas prints.

Take the example of pop up banner stands. The main advantage is, as the name suggests, they are quick to assemble and portable. If you are advertising in one section of a shopping centre, for example, you could move the banner to where most of the footfall is going to be at certain times of day. Near the exit at closing time, up in the food hall at lunch, and so on. This is far more effective and will get your ad seen more often than a static display.

Another example is the building wrap. If you own the building, then you own the advertising space, and it is the cheapest option to achieve a billboard effect without paying rent to an advertising company or other third party. It is yours to advertise from, so you can invest the money you save in the design and execution of an eye catching advert (and they are, because people are looking at an ad where a building is supposed to be, which is very effective).

Finally there's the large canvas prints. These are very durable and can be re-used often, for example, every time you have a sale on. They're weather resistant and can be waterproofed, so that you don't end up losing your advertising sparkle after a bout of bad weather. The only question now is which product to use for your advert!


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