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Making The Most Out Of Your Exhibition Stand

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Standing out at an exhibition can be hard work. Although many events managers will try and spread the direct competition across the floor, you are still competing against many other stands which may be selling very similar products or services. As exhibition stands are usually within a set space, it can be hard to make yours look unique.

Many customers will respond more to being included in the day, whether that's demonstrations, tasters or staff handing out free samples. Giving the customer something to take away from the event means they will remember you and your product.

are a handy way of brightening up exhibition stands as they can bring your company's corporate colours and logos to the day. This can help increase brand loyalty, meaning wherever you show your product off, people will recognise who you are and what you do.

are also very important. Whether you choose your backdrop to be photos of the company at work, posters advertising the products or perhaps simply the company logo, the design of your stand can make all the difference as to whether people will come and visit it or not.

Exhibitions are a great chance to show off your company to it's best, especially if you can produce a better stand and event than the competition who are also showing off their products. Get the exhibition day right and you will be remembered as a company who are proud of what they do and who show it off well.


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