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Make your vehicles pay for themselves with Vehicle Branding

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Well maintained and attractive vehicles are an important advert for the type of business culture you portray to the wider world. Shabby, unclean and unkempt vehicles can leave a poor impression with existing customers and new prospects alike. Contrast this with a well designed, professional livery that's cleaned regularly and well cared for and the difference is obvious. Just watch this video to see the difference it can make to your vehicles appearance.

It's no suprise that the biggest businesses in the UK take their company vehicle livery extremely seriously. Intelligent branding on vehicle fleets is so much more than just an identifying mark. Well designed vehicle graphics make it possible to convey the history, the vision, the benefits and values of the company, its products and services.

What's more, this form of advertising is visible to thousands of people every day for the duration of the vehicles life on the road.

So, what are the benefits of vehicle wraps?

Besides improving the look of your vehicles there are a few other key benefits to using vehicle graphics as follows:

1. Cost effective advertising to the masses

On average your vehicle will be seen on the roads of the UK by 1000's of people per day. By branding your vehicles you can turn your fleet into a fully fledged mobile advertising campaign. As you effectively own the advertising space there are no ongoing costs and you can continue to reach hundreds of thousands of people per year for the life of the graphics.

2. Added protection for your paintwork

Wrapping a vehicle in our specialised vehicle vinyl can help prolong the life of your paintwork. We use a gloss laminate on all our graphics which help to protect your paintwork from stone chips and minor scratches. Our graphics are warranted for 6 years and can be easily removed when the time comes to trade in or return your vehicle.

3. Building brand recognition with your customers

If you have a fleet of 5 or more vans at your disposal you can very easily convey a consistent brand across many different makes and models. Whether it's the Sky TV vans, the orange vans of the RAC or the iconic Royal Mail fleet each one is instantly recognisable and creates a connection between customer and company.

Why choose Image Group?

Working from our secure 80,000 sq ft facility in Manchester we are able to provide you with a full turn key service from creative design and colour proofing through to state of the art digital printing, digital finishng and vinyl application - all in house using our own team of vehicle vinyl specialists with over 15 years of experience. Typically, we complete vehicle wrap in 48 hours from receipt of artwork.

Take a look at this stunning time lapse video showing our team in action and contact us today to talk about vehicle branding options including free advise, rapid pricing and specification choices.


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