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Make your message stand out at conferences with exhibition stands

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Everybody has their own theory when it comes to how to dress exhibitions stands at trade events. Some, for instance, don’t like to have tables at their stands in the belief that it creates a natural barrier between staff and attendees when they strike up a conversation.

Others insist that tables are essential though; they believe that people who have been on their feet all day at a show like to sit down and, while there, browse through brochures or other paraphernalia your team has made available on the day.

However you dress and present your exhibition stands, one thing is consistent – you have to make your branding stand out and get your message across to people as simply as possible to attract footfall.

That’s a point that’s also hammered home by Carmela Coop-Rodia, Group Show Manager at CloserStill Media, a Birmingham-based business that regularly runs business exhibitions in the healthcare and technology sectors.

Speaking to THIIS in September, Carmela points out how essential the right messaging is when commissioning exhibition stands for trade shows, saying: “People are looking to see if this product is relevant to me? Is this service relevant to me? And then they’ll want to find out more.

“Therefore, if it’s really easy to identify what it is that your company does, what you’ve got to offer and why somebody should come to you, then people will know whether to visit or not.”

Carmela also mentions stand size in her interview. “You can take a great big stand but unless you’re utilising it properly, it looks ridiculous, which can have a negative impact. Choosing the right size for what your activity is matters,” she explains.

“If your stand is too small and you cram tonnes and tonnes of product on there, that’s also negative.” Again, many people have varied opinions on how to dress up their exhibition stands, but as Carmela underlines, unless you use the space wisely with your brand and your messaging then you could actually be turning potential prospects away.

The best way that businesses can fully utilise their exhibition stands at events properly is by working with a creative team who can make sure that every single inch of your stand is saying something positive and meaningful to the people who matter to you most, whether you want a smaller booth for an event or something much larger in scale.

The Image Group works with brands of all shapes and sizes to deliver creative and effective exhibition stands. Contact us today to find out more.


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