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Make your logo the best it can be with tray signs built for your brand

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Tray signs are a visual treat. Also known as pan signs, we’re big fans of them because they can breathe fresh life into a brand and its logo.

You’ll have seen tray signs yourself on the high street and other places; they can be particularly common in and around retail parks, for instance.

But what are they? Tray signs are those raised brand logos you may see above a shop or arena. They’re incredibly eye-catching and can be made out of differing materials to the typical acrylic or wooden sign.

Think metals such as aluminium and others, to give the logo and brand a bolder, stronger presence when compared against the other businesses around it.

They can also be weatherproofed to protect them against the elements, and to help them stay in pristine condition for as long possible.

The way tray signs are approached, designed and built, too, opens up more possibilities of how the brand could look and be advertised.

Signs could be built to incorporate small LEDs, for instance, to make it stand out and give the brand greater visibility for night trading, instead of lighting it up (and adding to the electricity bill) by using a number of lights and bulbs.

We feel that tray signs also offer something unsaid when it comes to branding; a touch of class that shows the owners have put some real thought into the look and feel of their brand, how they want the business to feel and come across to the wider population.

That’s something that can apply to any and every sign with the right approach, of course, but we think that’s a feeling that’s captured more often than not with pan signs. Not just for the exterior of a shop, either; they can also make their presence known on the inside of a shop or office.

The latter especially, we think, is where they have the potential to shine brightest. There are lots of large-scale open-plan offices across the country with big workforces in different departments, which are usually signposted throughout the building.

Again, pan signs can help project a different brand feeling as well as the physical projection they offer.

Raised signage throughout the building designed in unique ways brings a bit more personality to the workplace – especially when complemented by other creative design features such as vinyl wall decals, image-led window blinds and many other colourful ways to make an office pop.

It all starts with the brand and your logo, though. That brand name and how it looks should be the very first thing people see in their mind when they think of what they need.

Presenting it with pan signs is the first step to helping your brand come alive and drawing more people in.

If you think tray signs would enhance your brand, or are looking for something visually-stunning to help draw attention to the existence of your bricks-and-mortar business, we can help. Contact the Image Group today.


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