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Make urban spaces look super cool with wall vinyls

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Wall vinyls can be so much better than spray paint or similar painted murals on buildings.

Why? A painted mural can be extremely expensive, especially at scale. At the same time, if you’re renting the space, then it may have to be removed at some point on the landlord’s request, or by say-so of the local council.

Getting it removed professionally, then, could cost just as much as the original artwork. Is such an expense worth it?

Many will say yes – especially those working in urban areas who are taking over empty units as part of a commercial regeneration project.

Which is all well and good, of course! We would like to make a suggestion, though – wall vinyls can look better and work out as more cost-effective than a painted mural, especially when working with an experienced creative partner.

Wall vinyls look incredible. What’s more, they can be quicker to produce than a paint job and can be installed almost instantly onto walls in urban areas; exposed brick or otherwise.

They’re bright, can be scaled, and get your message and ideas across instantly. If you fancy a change of design or they need to be taken down for whatever reason, they can simply be peeled off without doing any damage to the walls or building.

Once down, the next set of wall vinyls can instantly go up – again, far more efficient and practical than the time and treatments needed for a painted mural or spray project.

Vinyl artwork of this kind is also pretty durable against various weather elements, which makes it a great option for outdoor urban sites and other projects within city centres.

Vinyls are also great creative options for walls inside urban offices. They can look fresh and cool, especially for start-ups looking to make an impact and grow their brands in the local area.

More modern entities like BuzzFeed, Google, Facebook and others use vinyls to great effect in their urban office locations to create professional places that also give a relaxed, fun, creative feel.

And anyone can create that feeling, too, if they work with a creative partner to create vinyl graphic designs for their walls that breathe new life into the company.

Find out more about the incredible creative benefits of choosing wall vinyls over paint designs and murals by speaking to the Image Group today!


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