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Make sure you work with a professional company when vehicle wrapping

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Vehicle wrapping is currently big business. It’s popular because it’s an extremely fun thing to do, and is far more affordable than a spray job.

It’s also kinder to the car’s exterior. Simply create a design, and the vinyl print can be affixed to the car and simply peeled off again whenever you fancy a change of design, or just want to revert your car back to its original look.

Vehicle wrapping couldn’t be any simpler. So much so that there are now annual international vehicle wrapping competitions for car lovers to show their designs and just how well they can wrap their car.

The Wrap Like a King challenge is just one such competition, with thousands of dollars in prizes available for winners alongside recognition from the global vehicle wrapping community.

Wrapping isn’t just fun or games, though. It can be about more than changing the look of your car, and can be a highly-effective local lead generator in a commercial sense.

Smaller businesses can wrap their cars to prominently present their brand’s logo, for instance, alongside a breakdown of their products and the services offered. They can also include attractive calls to action, such as phone numbers, web links, email addresses, QR codes and more.

Don’t underestimate how important a well-wrapped car can be in a commercial sense. People take notice when they pass one, whether on the street or in traffic.

They can also be important branding instruments for larger businesses with a fleet of vehicles that often travel further afield, helping to get word of the business out to new territories, simply by virtue of being on the road.

But, like virtually everything in life, you have to be careful when considering a car wrap. Even something as simple and nice as getting a new vinyl cover for your car can be fraught with danger, so it’s essential you do your research before committing.

Patricia Hill of Chesterfield, Virginia is one recent case. Ms Hill sadly fell for an advertising scam related to car wrapping, winding up as a victim of fraud and losing more than $1,000.

Make sure, when considering a car wrap, that you ask to see a portfolio of the agency’s designs for previous clients and ask for a detailed overview of the process. Finding the right partner will be worth it, as they help to make your vehicles look simply fantastic, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

The Image Group has vast experience when it comes to vehicle wrapping for brands big and small. Contact our team today to find out more!


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