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Make better use of trade space with creative custom exhibition panels

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Exhibition panels are a great way to attract footfall at trade events.

There’s no limit to what you can do with your exhibition panels. You can combine them with content to tell key information to visitors in unique ways, such as the history of your brand, awards, mission statements, team ethics and much more besides.

Exhibition panels are also a brilliant way to highlight what your brand does differently from the competition.

But while you’re only limited by your imagination for what types of content you can advertise on your exhibition panels, there is a limitation you should always be aware of: space.

Most of the time, the space you have at trade shows boils down to two things; your ambition and your budget.

For many exhibitors, though, they will only have a limited amount of space to work with at their event. How do they make sure their message not only gets seen, but gets seen by the right people?

The best way to make the most of that space is to work with a team who has vast experience in providing creative exhibition solutions for partners, that help them get noticed on the day of the show.

The best thing to do, as soon as you know the exact dimensions and space you have to exhibit in, is collaborate with a professional team long before the show is due to start.

That will give them time to work with you to build a creative trade show marketing strategy that’s content-focused and makes best use of the space – and therefore panels – available to you.

It will give you time to work alongside them, to express your thoughts on what it is you’d like to achieve on the day and what constitutes success in your eyes.

Is it more quantified leads? Is it more sales queries? Or do you just want to introduce your team to as many fresh faces as possible?

Then, panels and other exhibition content will be created to maximise the potential of success. Content can also be created that improves your chances on a cross-platform basis – lead generation QR codes, anyone?

You may have a sizeable budget to play with, but bigger isn’t always better if it isn’t invested wisely. Creative marketing when exhibiting is the best way to succeed on the day.

Find out more about the incredible advertising potential of exhibition panels at trade shows by speaking to the Image Group today!


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