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Make a powerful impression with printed acrylic

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Printed acrylic is making the headlines thanks to Brad Pitt’s apparent new girlfriend Neri Oxman. As the press and others explore the background of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and architectural designer, some are highlighting how she used the material as a medium when working alongside singer Bjork.

In 2016, Oxman created a 3D-printed mask called the Rottlace mask, made of acrylic-based polymer strands for Bjork’s digital music series in the summer of that year. Oxman’s skills with printed acrylic were evident, with the mask looking almost fur-like and matching the contours of Bjork’s face effortlessly for her performances.

Why mention this? Because it shows that, with a little creative care and attention, printed acrylic can be fashioned and moulded in a multitude of ways for personal and professional applications. So often, when acrylic comes into conversation as part of a branding or advertising campaign, many often visualise a boring, flat piece of acrylic with a simple message on it.

Not so; with a little imagination and as part of a wider commercial strategy, printed acrylic can be one of the most creative ways to reach out to potential customers in key areas such as exhibitions and can also be used to add stunning visual elements to any and every office space.

The Royal Navy is just one institute that is exploring what 3D printing acrylic can do for them, using the material to produce incredible futuristic concepts. “These concepts demonstrate that the UK has the creative foresight to consider the future underwater world, what it might look like, and what role the Royal Navy might play,” said Captain Sharon Malkin, the Royal Navy's head of Innovation.

Those who are interested in Eastern culture will be impressed by a range of printed acrylic souvenirs produced by resin-processing company Masuki Inc.’s brand Toumei. A 3D acrylic bonsai tree, for instance, is a stunning way to work with the medium.

Again, businesses looking to inject a bit more creativity into their outreach efforts or who just want to spruce up the office are only limited by their imagination, especially if they partner with an expert provider who can help them realise that vision.

The Image Group has helped businesses from all backgrounds design magnificent signage, exhibition displays and much more besides through the medium of printed acrylic. Contact our team today to find out more.


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