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Make a huge impact on your industry in 2019 with creative exhibition panels

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Exhibition panels are truly amazing things when some real creative input goes into them.

What’s the exhibition that sticks in your mind most from a trade show you’ve attended in the past? If it sticks in your mind that much, then it must be because the company worked incredibly hard on their panels and wider exhibition builds to specifically make an impression on you.

If you do some research and know as much about your target market as you possibly can, and convey that information creatively on exhibition panels complemented by stunning graphics, accessories and wider builds, then you can go a long way to building a wonderful journey for potential footfall at exhibitions and stand a greater chance of turning people into long-term customers.

And you can begin to do that right now as part of a wider exhibition strategy for 2019 and beyond with the Image Group’s creative team. A lot of people like to reuse the same old assets year-on-year and rely on their sales teams to pull in customers.

Your sales team, as talented as they may be, needs help though. They can’t do it alone, which is where imaginative and artistic exhibition panels as part of a wider client journey come into the equation.

Sometimes, for instance, some assets and accessories can work against you without you realising it at an exhibition. Are your chairs comfortable enough? Is it easy for your team to pick up the right assets such as leaflets in an instant to give to people? Is there anywhere for people to leave contact information for later if your sales team are all busy?

The more you prepare around and know about the people you would most like to attract and work with, the more likely they will be to engage with your brand as opposed to the competition.

Your exhibition panels, builds and assets will all play a key part in this, and will function as part of a wider exhibition lead generation strategy whenever you visit trade shows.

The Image Group will work with you to make sure that your exhibition panels and wider builds and assets will be the absolute best they can be for 2019 and beyond, to help your business grow and put you in a prime position at the trade shows you visit.


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