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Let your customers and staff know where they should be with wayfinding signage

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Have you ever been to a place without wayfinding signage?

If it’s a large place such as a shopping centre, university, hospital, warehouse, outlet village or other place with high footfall, the lack of any wayfinding signage can be a nightmare.

Large, open public spaces like those we’ve listed above can hugely benefit from directional signage that directs footfall to the right places, and is always visible to them throughout the area until they reach their destination.

More than anything, good, clear wayfinding signage can take an enormous amount of stress out of the shopping experience and keep customers happy!

Wayfinding signage can come in all shapes and sizes, and is extremely useful if yours is an area with different shops, departments or points of interest.

One local example that we often point out is that of the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, located in Cheshire in the North West.

On approach to Cheshire Oaks is a large sign welcoming shoppers, which also features some of the brands they have in the village.

Throughout are signs clearly labelling parking areas and other, smaller signs throughout the village detailing people to specific shops they may be interested in.

There are also clear signs pointing out restaurants and other eateries; the way the signage is placed throughout Cheshire Oaks helps contribute to a flowing, seamless shopping experience where it’s harder to get lost than find where you need to go.

And, ultimately, shoppers and visitors will appreciate that thought’s been put their way to make their lives easier.

Not just for shopping centres or villages; hospitals that have signage throughout them pointing patients to different departments in clear ways shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to keeping the people you’re serving happy.

It isn’t just larger entities that can benefit from directional signage, either. Smaller brands with large office space and different departments of different floors can also help to make visitors’ lives easier.

That can include a sign on the outside, welcoming people to your place of business and directing them immediately to reception if they’re visiting.

Highlighting other departments throughout the building, from meeting rooms to places such as the warehouse, can also be hugely effective in making employees’ lives easier and pointing them in the right direction.

Want to find out more about the benefits of wayfinding signage? Contact the Image Group today to find out more!


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