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Let Printed Site Hoardings Advertise while you work

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When undertaking a building project or promoting a major development, you want to inspire interest and ensure people note that your company is responsible. In order to get noticed, why not take advantage of the many benefits that come from printed hoarding panels? These are often a practical necessity on a development site to keep the site secure from the public whilst work is carried out. However, you could utilise these boards further and use them as an advertising tool. With methods such as large format printing available, the panels can be used as a base for images, logos and information about your business.

We at The Image Group realise the power of onsite branding and how the panels can generate and heighten anticipation whilst communicating a message effectively. With over ten years experience we can provide you with the best services to suit all requirements. We can advise and oversee all aspects from planning to installation. If you are not working with an independent creative agency we have a dedicated design team to work with you on your advertising scheme.

When erecting the site hoardings there are a number of things to consider and we require certain information in order to respond appropriately to an enquiry. We need the measurements for the approximate length of the site hoardings’ perimeter and an estimate of how long the project development is likely to take. Other necessary information would be for any unusual specific details such as limited access to the building location.


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