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Less Is More In Exhibition Displays

When you are doing an exhibition display, you want to draw attention to your booth or exhibit, but not too much attention. The concept of less is more is so important in graphic design and exhibiting because people will be drawn in by an aesthetically designed display and pushed away by a harshly coloured or overpowering one.

Here are some ideas to help you keep the less is more concept for your display. When you use banners, don't plaster your walls with them. Using one or two smaller banner stands, such as pop up stands, try using one next to your display, and one just outside it, or one elsewhere that directs people to your display or exhibit. are very effective for advertising, but if there are too many, people may feel threatened or pushed.

Use minimal graphics in your banners, unless of course you want to use one large photo as a backdrop. This can make for very pleasing banners. Try not to use more than two fonts for the text you have printed on pop up banners, and don't put too many words on. If someone has to stop for more than a few seconds to read what you've put on the banner, they may not bother to read it.

A well put together display using minimal advertising rather than overdoing it means people are more likely to look at your products and consider your services. For more ideas on your display, feel free to get in touch.

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