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Large Format Printing for Your Needs

Alienating clients with jargon is Bad Customer Service 101, so here is a quick (simple) guide to a few of the materials we use and what is most likely to suit your needs.

Sheet Materials

Both indoor and outdoor options to cover diverse budgets and uses, including the likes of Diabond, Weather Display Board and Foamex Plus for hardy external use as signs and advertising devices. Various foams are ideal for surfaces, adhesive or magnetic vinyl, hydrosol lightblock film (great for banner stands), custom wallpaper, polycarbonate flooring, steel paper (ideal for magnetic notice boards) and so on. Some roll to roll materials fare better in a permanent site (like customised wallpaper) but most are designed with light weight and easy transport in mind.

Fabrics and Textiles

Along with canvas and polyester, we have tons of fabric options on board already (we can source more just for you!) Textile printing is ideal for things like marquees, seating, easily portable banners, bunting etc.


Essentially these provide transparent protection for the visuals beneath. For example, floor laminate to protect inset photos, anti-graffiti laminate, gloss/matte laminate etc. These are great options for businesses looking to provide durable protection for an existing visual.

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