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Large Format Printing for your Building

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If you are a media savvy company which likes to advertise in cost effective and engaging ways, then you might want to consider whole building advertising. However, reconsider the normal routes you would take, such as using banners.

Let us say that part of your office is undergoing a renovation and you have a large amount of scaffolding erected outside. Of course the scaffolding or construction company usually have their name on a banner which is good for their business. But what about yours? With specialist large format printing, you could not only advertise yourself better but take advantage of the large space exposed for example, by using a building advertisement.

The space between the scaffolds could become ad space rather than untidy construction stands. The boards used to keep the general public out of your site and directing them in the right way could now be used as advertising space since they'll be walking past regardless. If you have a captive audience, why not advertise to them?

Building wraps or other large format displays are a new way of using up space and creating a media focal point when the opposite (just leaving it alone) could do your business damage after all, not many people look at scaffolding. This way, you show yourselves as being enterprising and making best use of the space, not to mention making it look better.

We specialise in whole building advertising, so even if you're not having renovations, you could still look to use the space outside your property rather than in it. Get in touch and we'll take a look at the options best suited to your business.


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