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Keep exhibition flooring in mind

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When thinking about exhibition stands most people picture an empty cube and populate it with and maybe a backboard, an information table full of leaflets and promotional materials, and one or two attentive and well presented staff. If they are creative they might give thought to free standing columns with graphics wrapped around them or even balloons for the kids.

One thing very few people consider is the floor of the stand. This is actually pretty important. At outdoor exhibition venues the ground is usually pavement or tarmac or even bare gravel. Indoors, some halls are well appointed with polished wood, tile, or carpet floors but there are also many that aren't. The floors in larger, less elaborate exhibition venues can be nothing more than bare concrete.

Adding floors to exhibition display boards, all kinds of stands, free standing cut-outs, pop up displays and much more but we've also got a range of flooring options. Next time you exhibit at a big trade show, consider adding a floor to your stand. It'll give you that competitive edge, especially as most exhibitors won't have spared a single thought for how their stall looks at ground level.


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