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Is there a better visual impact for a brand than built up signs?

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Built up signs are a powerful statement about your brand and, visually, they can be a stunning piece of architecture in their own right.

One of our favourite examples of built up signs (and, disclaimer; we created it and installed it!) can be seen on the front of the City of Manchester Stadium.

It’s where Manchester City play their football, and is more commonly known as the Etihad Stadium because of the club’s sponsorship commitments to the group.

As the sixth-largest football stadium in the Premier League, Manchester City needed something imposing to help define the stadium, with it being a fairly recent build to host the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and to perform its sponsorship obligations.

There’s nothing quite like built up signs to help get a message across. Out ‘ETIHAD’ sign is incredibly imposing to visiting teams, and helped define the stadium to visitors and make the Etihad name more commonly known and synonymous with the stadium.

Built up signs have a presence and power, and help a brand name to stick in the mind like no other. And you don’t have to have a Manchester City-sized budget to take advantage of a built-up sign.

They’re very affordable and can help your business stick out from the competition on the High Street. Creatively, too, you’re only limited by your imagination; signs are available in a huge range of materials and finishes to help get your message across to your customers instantly.

A built-up sign features built-up lettering and a built-up version of your brand logo (if you have one). That built-up brand identity can also be weatherproofed to protect against the elements to keep it looking brand new across all seasons.

If your brand is also open in the evenings as part of the leisure sector or other service, your built-up sign can also incorporate state of the art LED technology to keep it light and bright at night time.

It’s not just your brand sign that can have a better visual impact from built-up signage, either. Those that wish to broaden their customer base beyond footfall can use built up calls to action to encourage engagement through other channels.

That can include built up signage featuring email addresses, websites, phone numbers, discounts, offers and much more besides to extend your brand’s reach beyond the sign.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of built up signs by speaking to the Image Group today!


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