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Ink makes a difference

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Every artist knows that the way a finished painting looks has a lot to do with the type of paint used. Watercolour produces a totally different look to acrylic paints, and acrylics cannot be mistaken for oils. Specialised paints like gouache can change the way colours appear and completely alter the texture and visual mood of a painting as surely as changing the colours can. The Old Masters where experts at mixing paints and using them to create new and beautiful effects.

The same is true in the more modern world of large format printing. While there is a fair distance between the artists of yesteryear (or even the painters of today) and the digital canvas prints we can create now, choosing the right ink for the right job is key. Some will do better on a particular material and in a particular situation, some are more economical.

Inks used on outdoor banners must be waterproof. There is nothing sadder than a paper or cardboard sign that's been washed out and is no longer at all attractive, if it's readable at all. Some inks will wash straight out of paper and card where others won't. Some will also fade if they're exposed to sunlight and that is important for both outdoor and . It only takes a month or two for vulnerable inks to pale in the sun, whether they're on paper, plastic, or canvas.

We'll make sure you get the best possible finished product. That means giving you access to outstanding graphical artists, a full range of both free standing and hanging display options, and choosing the right inks and printing materials.


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