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Inexpensive Display Stands can Deliver Top Dollar Results

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When it comes to advertising and marketing, it is often assumed that spending more money will guarantee better returns. Although it is true that a marketing strategy will rarely suffer from having too much money, it is important to remember that even the most inexpensive tools and materials can provide fantastic results when utilised in a successfully creative way.


There are many different materials to choose from when using exhibition display stands or banner stands for promotional purposes: whether PVC or canvas, they all have their own distinct advantages. However, it may come as surprise to many that one of the very best materials to use when advertising in this manner is cardboard.


Although cardboard displays are inexpensive, they are incredibly versatile promotional tools which can be cut or arranged into shapes to suit whatever is needed. In addition, cardboard displays are also a far more lightweight option when compared to other materials. This can be very beneficial when portability is an issue as it means that they can be transported to and from a venue very easily. Also, being so lightweight means that only one person is needed to assemble the display when the venue is actually reached.

So, if you are a small business that doesn't have a large marketing budget to play with, you may like to consider the relative benefits of using cardboard displays. To find out more, browse our pages further here at The Image Group.


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