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How You Can Use PVC Banners And Respect The Environment

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Environmental issues are intricately woven into all aspects of our society and culture. The global population have expressed a dedication to the welfare of our planet and this has begun to influence every decision we make on a daily basis, from our choice of yearly summer holiday to what we are having for dinner; to the products we use on our hair and body. It is often small lifestyle changes such as these that make a big difference to the environment.

Even when it comes to business advertising strategies, the impact that the materials used have on the environment is a key issue. External advertising and promotions in particular are impacted, because it guides the materials chosen for marketing solutions such as and pop-up displays.

Using PVC for banners is an environmentally sound solution because it is a hard-wearing material, and can endure many less than desirable weather conditions whilst advertising an organisation's products or services. This is more contructive than using a less durable product that will need to be disposed of via methods such as landfills, and then sourcing a similar replacement. This would only result in requiring more energy and raw materials in the process than what is needed, as well as incurring an unnecessarily high cost.

Even more eco-friendly is the option of . These have sharp colour performance and are available in a multitude of sizes to suit any requirements, and are incredibly durable for long-standing use. As these banners are produced in the EU, the carbon footprint for transportation is minimalised, and the additive within the material degrades by fragmentation in landfills for an environmentally sound solution.

Here at The Image Group we have a range of PVC banners that are well-suited for a range of advertising purposes, and are guaranteed to have minimal impact on the environment whilst supporting your brand effectively.


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