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How you can be part of the car wrap craze

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Car wraps have helped a local lad in Newcastle become a worldwide design sensation thanks to his skills in wrapping vehicles in vinyl.

Mike Szwacki took third place in the world final of the Hexis competition, hosted in Germany, with some astounding designs wrapped around specific cars. His final position in the tournament goes a long way to confirming him as one of the best urban car wrap experts in the UK.

It’s not just for fun, though. Car wraps are becoming big business; Louis Vuitton and design sensation Supreme have recently teamed up for a fashion collaboration which has inspired a 15-year-old Instagrammer to coat a Ferrari in the fashion icons’ logos and go viral.

Car wrapping is hitting the mainstream, and is fast becoming the premier design option for people when they want to give their vehicles a brand-new look and show off more of their personality.

Why though? There are numerous reasons why car wrapping is becoming so popular. One of the biggest reasons is cost; wrapping a car in a custom vinyl design is so much more cost-effective than getting a car coated in spray paint or other materials.

It’s also a much quicker process. Wrapping a car in a vinyl coating is a lot more time-friendly than spraying a new design from scratch and layering it, which takes a large amount of artistry. Again, a wrap can help navigate that expense and leave much less room for error than if a car is sprayed.

Car wrapping is also more beneficial than a new paint job because its weatherproof. A vinyl coating is far more resistant to the elements than a spray job, which can begin to feel the force of the British weather as soon as it leaves the garage.

Possibly the most important positive feature of car wraps is the care and respect it affords the vehicle itself. Spray painting a car could provide irreversible damage to the car’s outer layer if not done properly. If, over time, the owner decides to change the look of their car, they have to go through an expensive paint process all over again.

Not so with car wrapping. A wrap is a vinyl coating that is affixed easily to the car and can be simply peeled off whenever the owner wants to make a change. They can then affix a new wrap easily, with no damage done to the exterior of the car if done correctly.

Not just for cars, but for vans too. Not only can the right wrapping experts help a single car, van or an entire fleet look incredible, but wrapping can also act as a phenomenal advertising solution for businesses who want to raise local interest.

Covering cars or vans with calls to action such as phone numbers and email addresses can get a brand in people’s minds, as well as other information such as the services and goods you provide. With the right visual approach, wraps can be an incredible advertising solution for your business whenever you hit the road.

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