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How wall vinyls and other coverings could save your business money

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Wall vinyls are one of our favourite design mediums to work with.

Well, we love all of the materials we work with! But we’re especially fond of working with wall vinyls not only because they can produce incredibly clear and creative designs, but they could also help save businesses money with the right strategy.

How can wall vinyls potentially save you money, though? If you’re looking to add some flair to your office’s walls – inside or outside – or just want to spruce up an area in the home (such as your child’s room), it can be a cheaper option than a paintjob.

Commissioning a paint job for something as complex as wall graphics can actually be a costly prospect. If you want something creative and fresh on your walls, it’s likely a number of paints will be used and time needed to make it look perfect – something which could prove expensive.

Over time, too, a paint job will need touching up to stay looking fresh. Paint could peel, smudges could occur… and if you’re renting your business premises than you’ll likely have to invest again to get your mini-mural covered up when it’s time to move on.

Wall vinyls are nowhere near as costly as the scenario outlined above, keep their looks over time and are generally far less maintenance than an expensive paint job.

The process is simple. A creative agency will create a graphic for you and print it on special vinyl material. Once printed, the graphic is simply stuck to the wall. When you fancy a change or it’s time to remove it as your business is moving, it’s peeled off, leaving no damage or residue behind.

Because of the process and the vinyl material used, too, graphics are clear and sharp and easy to wipe down while keeping fresh. It’s a simple, quick and affordable creative process that we feel is far more effective visually than a paintjob for certain situations.

Not just for the home or office, too. Money could be saved if you opt for vinyl vehicle wrapping techniques over a paintjob.

Whether for a car or van, promotional vinyl vehicle wraps work in the same way, stand up against the elements and – ultimately – can be peeled off without damaging the car underneath.

Find out more about the potential cost benefits that wall vinyls and vehicle wrapping could bring to your business by contacting the Image Group today!


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