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How Technology Is Taking Large Format Printing To The Next Level

It is just amazing to think how far we have come in the last few decades in terms of printing technology. If you think about the kinds of effort and expenses that older generations had to go to in order to advertise their businesses, you are probably grateful that things have gotten so much easier for today's business owners.

The earliest attempts at printing

The first attempts at mechanically putting ink onto paper can be attributed to the Chinese and Egyptians. Over the many centuries that followed these primitive versions of the printing press, the process was streamlined from wood presses to movable type printing on metal casts.

Printing today

It's astonishing to think how far we have come since these early attempts at printing. Today it's possible to print high-quality marketing materials on almost any material you desire. Materials used for large scale advertising have also been streamlined over the past few years to include a number of functional and durable plastic blends that can weather any storms. Best of all, thanks to the internet you can have stunning large format prints made up with a few clicks of a mouse. Advertisers can also and to help their businesses.

Large format printing and your business

Nowadays, it's easier than ever to include large format printing in your marketing plan. At The Image Group we pride ourselves in our cutting edge large format printing technology.

Large format printing can really change the way you do business, and is well worth the minimal investment. Visit us at The Image Group to see how we can help you create a powerful marketing plan with large format printing, acrylic printing and canvas printing.

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