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How San Diego Comic-Con fans Marvelled at Netflix-branded building wraps

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Building wraps can be an incredible way for advertisers and brands to push their products and services to a much wider audience, and can even help spark conversations online that spread the message further than you thought possible.

One recent example of this surrounds popular streaming service Netflix and their partners, Marvel, who used building wraps in unique ways not just to promote their content, but to tease fans about the possibilities of upcoming shows to get more and more people potentially interested in them and talking about them.

San Diego Comic-Con International took place in July, and is one of the biggest gatherings for fans of entertainment and popular culture alike. It’s a pretty heavyweight event with enormous media brands jostling for position. While Netflix and Marvel are no little fish, they needed to come up with a promotional concept that got people talking.

Building wraps were just one of the ways they did that, advertising the second season of Marvel’s hit show Iron Fist by covering a building with a black wrap complete with neon Shou-Lao logo that would show up in the dark.

The wrap also features Marvel and Netflix branding, albeit smaller, to pique the interests of passers-by that acts as a call to action to alert people that the show will be streamed online at some point throughout 2018.

What’s most interesting here though isn’t the design or neon effects of the wrap. More interesting to us is the strategy; the wrap has been precisely timed and shared specifically to be seen before a panel featuring the actors and a wider promotion was set to launch at the convention.

It worked and was shared on fan sites, helping to spread word and build excitement amongst fans about the show’s return as well as attracting the interest of people who may not have heard about it before thanks to the creativity of the campaign.

It’s a tactic that any business with a marketing budget can apply too. It’s not a tactic exclusively for conglomerates. Building wraps and advertising hoardings can be used effectively by companies of various shapes and sizes, from restaurants looking to attract passers-by to local developers looking to attract investors to their projects.

Looking to employ a creative building wrap strategy that gets you noticed in your local area? Contact the Image Group today to find out more!


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