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How roller banners can potentially boost sales in-store

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Roller banners are some of the most effective ways to reach out to customers passing by your store, and providing them with new information and offers when they’re exploring inside.

‘Information’ is the key word here. Roller banners, when designed in the right ways, aren’t a fixed solution. They can be rolled up, reused and transported to new areas in-store and out to keep information fresh in people’s minds, and can also be taken to exhibitions and other advertising opportunities.

Roller banners have been key in the Nigerian Government better advertising it as a place to do business transparently. Part of their strategy has seen the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) promote information across the country’s 22 airports, with banners and more placed in strategic positions to convey information to passengers and visitors to Nigeria about the country itself and what’s on offer around the airports.

Writer Stephanie J Hale also highlights on the Huffington Post on how roller banners can go a long way to helping book stores to better promote events like signings and increase interest in set events to attract more local shoppers to their business.

“How can you set the mood from the moment your guests walk in?” she writes. “Will your guests drink from plastic cups or glass goblets or champagne flutes? Will you offer them Beaujolais or bubbly? Will they have cheese on cocktail sticks, or something more exotic? Roller banners, with your business logo or your book cover, are a very cost-effective way to make an impression.”

Again, information is the key point of Stephanie’s argument. The more well-informed people are for upcoming events, offers that could be found in-store and more, the more likely a business will elicit a positive response from existing and potential customers, with the banners being used time again, rolled up and stored safely for future events.

The way banners can spread information doesn’t have to just stay in-store. Banners can also be taken to exhibition events and other public displays to attract potential business and let them know more about who you are and what you can provide. They’re an excellent way to complement digital offerings and other advertising solutions at exhibits such as pop-up displays and more.

It’s essential though that the banners you choose to adopt carry the right message and deliver it in a targeted way with exemplary design and graphics that show the absolute best of your brand, who you are and what you’re all about.

Investing in informative banners is an advertising solution that not only helps to provide information and attract passing interest, but is a phenomenal way to show off more of your brand through incredible design as soon as people walk into your store and potentially convert more people who may have a passing interest.

Contact the Image Group today to find out more about creating distinct banners that are informative and help people to discover more about who you are and how your brand can help them.


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