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How restaurants can make use of custom roller blinds this Christmas

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We’ve waxed lyrical on the virtues of custom roller blinds on this blog before. Instead of shutting your business off to the world when it’s time to go home, creative roller blinds can keep your premises working with imaginative blinds that advertise products, services, contact details and more.

Not just as an external advertising solution, but also within the office, too. With some imagination and the right creative approach, custom roller blinds can be used to improve office morale by having them printed with team photos, successful projects, testimonials, inspiring quotes and more when they’re pulled low.

With the festive season just around the corner though, restaurants especially will be doing all they can to attract diners looking to take their friends and their family out to dinner to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Every restaurant will be looking to do the same though, and competition can be tough in such a ruthless industry. That’s where the right creative messaging and an imaginative approach can help restaurant owners to set their business apart from their competitors; one of the most original and eye-catching ways it can be done is with custom roller blinds.

Again, when your restaurant closes its doors for the evening, it could be working for you to take extra bookings. Instead of just closing the curtains until the next day’s trade, custom roller blinds could be created to advertise your Christmas menu, opening hours and ways to book, complemented by some stunning images of the food you serve to attract passers-by.

You could have custom roller blinds full of pricing options for parties of a certain number, drink items and discounts, and much more besides to get them interested, simply by walking or driving past the building.

It’s a creative strategy that doesn’t have to just be used for Christmas. It can be used for other occasions too such as describing what you’re offering for New Years Eve and Day, further down the calendar for occasions including Easter and Valentine’s Day, and many other holidays besides.

Owning a restaurant can be incredibly hard, but the better you advertise yourself in a creative way, the better chance you have of reaching out to potential diners and turning them into long-term customers – whether it’s Christmas or otherwise. Roller blinds organised as part of a wider creative strategy can be just one way of doing this.

Find out more about how we can help restaurants with creative imagery by speaking to the Image Group today!


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