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How reboard can help you build a better brand

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Reboard is fast becoming a favourite material for brands across the planet.

First, it’s worth understanding what reboard is and what it offers brands in a creative sense. With so much of the world focused on fighting climate change, numerous people across global societies are making changes to try and cut their carbon emissions and go greener – businesses included.

One problem that commercial enterprises have, though, is that so much of their business involves plastics, from the supply chain to the shop floor. Plastics are also found throughout offices and, of course, plastics represent one of the biggest challenges to the environment.

That’s where reboard comes in. It’s a material especially engineered from lightweight paper-based materials, is incredibly strong, and can do a lot of the tasks that plastics do in commercial settings.

Reboard can be used for the little things. A number of supermarkets across Europe, for instance, are ditching plastic signage above the aisles and replacing it with signs made from re-board.

Similarly, many public-facing retail stores are using the material in place of plastic POS solutions that are typically found around the premises.

Instead of big, temporary plastic shelving that houses a certain product, for instance, board-based POS stands and shelving do just as effective a job without the environmental heartache.

That’s a green Godsend for many businesses who have to constantly replace their plastic POS shelving and stands because of the way they’re typically handled by the public. One of the board’s main attractions is that it can be fully recycled.

The material has a number of creative applications, too. It’s one of our favourite materials to work with, in fact, and allows us to create some really unique assets for brands looking to invest in it as a green alternative.

For events, for instance, it can be fashioned into strong furniture, statues or other points of interest designed to help draw in footfall and catch the eye. They can also be used as advertising boards in place of more traditional plastic-based materials – the choice of how you use it is up to you.

More than anything, too, it’s a great brand companion. As a material, it shows that yours is a brand that’s eco-conscious and is putting its money where its mouth is, making a real effort to wean off plastics and invest in greener and cleaner alternatives.

Find out more about the amazing applications of reboard and how it can transform your business by speaking to the Image Group today!


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