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How picture roller blinds could help you generate more footfall

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If you’re looking to attract more local interest in your business, then picture roller blinds could help you make more of an impact in your area.

Are you a football fan? You may have noticed over the last couple of years that some teams now sport sponsors on the arms of their shirts. It’s an old adage in advertising – if there’s space available, then it can be used.

And this is one of the basic principles when using picture roller blinds. With the right vision, they can be an incredibly creative way to make use of empty window space, to make it work for you and generate some new leads.

Picture roller blinds are a clever way to do it, too. Instead of shutting shop for the day and just pulling down a set of dark blinds to cover the windows, you can instead use outward-facing blinds with creative designs, key information and contact details to grab the attention of passers-by.

That could include set items on a menu if you’re a restaurant. If you’re a travel agency, your picture roller blinds could include seasonal destination ideas and imagery of far-away lands.

Creative roller blinds can also be great for smaller, more local independent businesses that want to make a splash amongst the community. A lot of smaller businesses – especially newer ones just starting out – rely a lot on their personality as a force to create a loyal following and grow.

That personality can be on display 24/7 with the addition of creative roller blinds. In the day, you work to create those connections. When the business is closed at night, you pull down your blinds and sell yourself in imaginative ways to locals in the area.

That helps small businesses in a lead generation sense, too. Have a website or a booking system? Include it on your blinds in the form of a QR code so people can give it a quick scan and instantly browse your digital profile as they pass by your shop.

Similarly, if you’re active on social media, encourage people to follow you and engage on social media to build up a loyal local following online and keep people in the know.

Creative picture blinds are a great advertising tool, especially for small businesses who want to make the most of every bit of space available to them.

Find out more about the advertising potential of picture roller blinds for small businesses by speaking to the Image Group today!


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