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How Large Format Printing Can Make A Difference To Your Home

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Large format printing isn't the obvious choice for a home improvement tip, but it can play a vital role in refreshing (or totally making over) the look and feel of your home.

Thanks to large format printing, you are now able to turn your favourite pictures into personal and unique works of art, which can be used to change a room or even a house.

work by taking an image from your digital camera and applying it to canvas, which can then be stretched to fit a frame, and then hung wherever you like.

For such a simple concept the ideas are endless.

For a smaller room (such as a bathroom) you could feature three smaller digital canvas prints in a vertical or horizontal row. The prints do not have to be in any way associated with the bathroom, i.e. with an aquatic theme, but of anything that you want to see on your walls.

A living room or sitting room can accommodate a single larger digital print due to the additional space on offer. Try to choose one that fits in with the overall theme of the room. Alternatively, make the print the feature and re-do the room to fit around it.

The best thing about large format printing is that whatever you choose will be utterly personal to you, giving you unlimited freedom of choice, and the knowledge that no-one else will have the same thing on their wall.


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