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How hoarding boards are helping to spread powerful messages in local communities

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There are little more effective ways to promote a powerful community message than with hoarding boards.

Take a recent competition held at a school in Ealing, for instance. Pupils at Havelock Primary School were asked to design posters encouraged to help the local community recycle more and take their litter home with them.

The winning poster has since been spread around Ealing on hoarding boards as part of a wider campaign to deliver a strong message about the benefits of recycling for future generations and to also reduce instances of fly tipping.

Hoardings are also on the front line across the world’s major cities to warn about the impact of global warming and its effect on the planet. Some hoardings have even gone as far as incorporating solar panels on them to help generate clean electricity as well as spread a positive message.

Similarly, over in the City of Melbourne and $50,000 worth of artwork is to be commissioned to be placed on hoarding boards around the city to beautify the area, create job opportunities and give a huge platform for local artists to express themselves.

With a little bit of creative direction too, hoarding boards can be an incredible commercial opportunity for businesses in local areas to take advantage of and spread word about who they are, what they do and any upcoming events that might be happening.

Psychological studies for instance show the effect on creative visual advertising when conveying a message, with coloured visuals increasing people’s willingness to read a message by 80%, with message retention massively enhanced if relevant images are used as part of an advertisement.

With the right creative marketing strategy, local businesses can create real excitement about their brand and the services they offer by using hoardings in the right ways. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Crystal Bennes’ blog about the importance of hoarding design and some of the advertisements she comes across in London.

A look at the blog shows just how many developers and brands are combining the safety that hoardings provide with a laser-targeted message to the local community to get them excited, impart more about the project and convey contact information.

With the right message, businesses of any shape and size can increase awareness in the local community of upcoming projects and services, and promote a creative message that helps get them noticed by new targeted audiences.

Contact The Image Group today to find out more about creative advertising on hoardings.


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