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How exhibition panels are becoming one of the most technical ways to advertise

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Exhibition panels are some of the most creative and technical ways for businesses to advertise themselves and attract potential new prospects.

For instance, the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology has recently developed unique technology that allows high-definition images to be placed on solar panels to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

They actually acted as exhibition panels at the recent KALEO exhibition, which took place in the BCN gardens in Neuchâtel at the end of June to deliver a highly targeted message and attracted a huge amount of interest from potential investors.

People may argue these aren’t exhibition panels in the traditional sense. We beg to differ; anything that delivers a message in such a creative way at an exhibition is worthy of the name.

What’s more, such an approach can be far more impressive than a simple digital or postal advertisement, especially at an industry event where the message can be followed up with a one-to-one conversation.

Exhibition panels were also the main event at an exhibition to celebrate Italian industry in Karachi at the start of July, too. The LuckyOne mall was decorated with specific exhibition panels, designed to depict and celebrate the contributions Italian design, creativity and development has had across the globe.

The panels were the centrepiece of the exhibition and won praise by the Italian Consul General in Karachi, Gianluca Rubagotti, for the artistic design, creativity and overall message the panels were seeking to convey to the general public.

We can be quite broad when we talk about advertising panels in a technical sense. With panel technology gaining more attention within certain industries, adopting new digital ways to reach out to people can be very beneficial when looking to attract new target markets.

Away from technology and technical artistry and creativity can more than match a digital approach when it comes to attracting attention. The key is the message you want to convey, understanding the needs and psychology of your market and using the right creative to execute your message.

By commissioning panels for exhibitions with creative imagery and advertising the right message, they can be incredibly beneficial in drawing footfall to your stalls in targeted ways.

The creative has to be spot on, though, to get the right results. That can extend beyond the message too, with the right company working with you to build open spaces and exhibition builds that can’t fail to grab an audience’s attention.

Find out more about building creative panels for exhibitions by contacting The Image Group.


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