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How Does Design Psychology Affect Your Customers?

, , colour scheme, entrance size. All of these are the scope for creativity in our field of visual art, design and engineering is momentous. It can affect your clients across a fantastically diverse spectrum of emotions. Everything from the angle of your banner stands to the colour of point of sale displays can elicit a tailored response with the right application of knowledgeable design theory. We never think of visual design as a science, but there is certainly an element of academic discipline that can always be applied to our projects.

Studies into the psychology of design always produce tantalisingly interesting results. Did you know the side of the road you drive on influences the way you turn as you walk into a store? Brits mostly head lift, the French hang a right. Need a little more convincing?

Take the example of supermarkets.

• Fresh food is by the door to make you feel relaxed and like you've just entered a natural environment (rather than what is essentially a warehouse!)

• Popular household essentials tend to be featured in the furthest spots, meaning you need to walk past an entire store of potential impulse-buys to reach them. Research suggests around 50% of sales in supermarkets are impulse-buys.

• Freshly cooked/baked food tends to be at the back of the store (customers who can't be bothered to cook are more likely to make impulse buys)

Our creative team are clever folks, and can help you choose the right banner stands, design layouts and window graphics pretty much all the visuals you need for your business venture.

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