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How creative event branding can help your business break into new markets

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Outdoor event branding is a key way for businesses to be seen by international markets and investors, especially if the creative vision has been handled correctly and promoted through the right mediums.

The right approach to event branding can also be key to showing the true personality of your company, its values and overall mission statement. We’re living in the age of experiential marketing after all, especially for younger consumers who are more impressed if a brand gives them an experience rather than a ‘thing’.

“The important thing is to understand the target audience and which brand personality appeals to them,” says Andy Marshall in Brand Quarterly, highlighting that no matter how creative you believe the message to be or how fantastic you feel the channel it’s promoted on is, it will ultimately count for little if you haven’t researched your audience and understood what makes them tick.

For instance, there are a lot of summer events on the way across the UK, attracting specific audiences that may align well with your brand and what it offers. Outdoor music festivals, whether at a local or national level for instance, can offer an incredible chance for businesses to get their message out to a younger, more culturally-inclined and creative audience.

If you’re looking to attract an older clientele though, the summer holidays present a perfect place for brands to work alongside event providers to attract the attention of mothers and fathers out with their kids, if the partnership is the right one and the message through your event branding is spot-on.

Event branding isn’t just about getting your logo out there and a picture of a product. It can also be used in creative ways to collect data in an ethical, transparent manner for instance as part of a wider growth strategy.

Putting creative calls to action to encourage people to visit your website, for example, where they can enter their details to enter a competition, if they choose to do so. Event branding can be used in similar ways to help boost sales as well as raise brand awareness amongst your most important target markets.

The Image Group has experience in helping business to strategize and promote creative strategies at both indoor and outdoor events across a range of mediums, whether through flying banners, printed gazebos, and many other attractive visual ways that will catch the eyes of the people most valuable to your business.


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