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How brilliant office graphics help to build morale and a positive company culture

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You may have seen towards the end of 2017 that Google picked up acclaim from Office Genie. According to their research, Google’s office is the place where British employees would most like to work.

On the surface the reasons may be obvious. Google’s London office, for instance, is home to a games area, swimming pool, running track, roof-top garden and much more besides. Who wouldn’t want to work there?

That misses the point though; if everybody who worked at Google turned up to have a swim, a run and play some games then it wouldn’t be one of the top companies in the world. Similarly at Apple’s headquarters, which boasts a fitness centre and an orchard in a meadow. Facebook also has areas packed with modern art and ball pits.

Rather, their success revolves around the culture those companies and others have created as well as the equipment they have within their buildings, something which well-designed and creative office graphics help to foster and promote.

A simple image search for those company offices throws up countless of images that underline the point perfectly. Google Dublin’s office graphics are incredibly bright and colourful to foster creative environments, for instance, while they’ve used office graphics in other areas to make meeting rooms look like forests and even unexplored caverns.

Facebook has used creative office graphics to help people escape to quiet working areas in its New York Office, while Apple uses office graphics to similar effect across the globe to help spread its creative vision and overall ideals throughout the company.

It’s not hard to see why when 67% of offices don’t have areas that aid lone working, 54% don’t offer privacy and 58% don’t provide areas for quiet working. An enormous 74% don’t have areas where staff can ‘chill-out’ while 45% don’t offer spaces that promote collaboration.

Modern offices aren’t only enjoying the benefits of connectivity that the internet affords commercial enterprises. Offices and their overall culture are changing too for the benefit of staff and their general morale. The offices that continually come out on top of votes such as Office Genie’s are those that foster a collaborative company culture and reinforce it with strong, creative design.

The best way to do that is with office graphics that not only help to set the scene, but also expand on and complement the overall company culture. Office graphics can help stimulate, boost creativity and make the workplace feel more like a home away from home.

Design credit: Arena Creative


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