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Hoarding boards show locals there are exciting things to look forward to in 2022

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Hoarding boards are a great way to clearly communicate your construction project to the wider local community.

With the right approach and creative strategy, too, hoarding boards designed in a particular way can also be a fantastic way to generate qualified local leads and new business.

How? While hoarding boards are mainly there to close off the boundaries of a construction project and keep the public and workers safe, there’s no reason why the boards can’t carry a little flair.

There are so many construction projects across the UK at the moment that are simply fenced off by boring old hoarding boards. That’s perfectly fine from a safety point of view, but why not make them work a little harder for you?

With the right approach, your construction hoardings can look so much smarter. They can carry the name of your construction company, slogans, contact details, the history of the brand, its values and so much more.

Those with creative vision also use their hoardings to showcase to the general public what the completed project is expected to look like, complemented by floor plans, 3D graphics, project imagery and much more.

QR codes on hoardings can direct passers-by to your website where they can get a virtual tour of the project on completion, or leave their contact details in an ethical way so they can find out more about the project’s progress.

It can also be a way to direct people to the sales team. Are you building apartments, for instance? Why not advertise on your hoardings how much they are likely to cost on completion as well as links to brochures, sales packs, and ways to talk to your sales teams?

As we enter 2022, a lot of existing construction projects are expected to finish as the construction industry has by-and-large carried on throughout the pandemic.

Those finished projects that have had the luxury of being surrounded by creative hoardings packed with clear information are more likely to have had more enquiries for business and attention than those projects that have been surrounded by bland, boring boards.

Hoardings are great PR for the construction company, for the project at large, and a way to excite locals before a brick has even been laid. Start your construction project properly with hoardings that get your message across clearly and creatively.

Find out more about the amazing PR and lead generation advantages of well-designed hoarding boards by speaking to the Image Group today!


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