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Hoarding boards can help people discover where to ‘Eat Out To Help Out’

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Hoarding boards aren’t just a way to keep people safe and secure from debris from a construction project.

With the right approach, hoarding boards can also be combined into effective advertising solutions, attracting the attention of the general public and passers-by.

It’s something that Tata Steel are using to great effect in India. In mid-July 2020, Tata Steel launched a campaign in the Indian municipality of Joda to raise awareness of and combat Dengue.

The Dengue awareness scheme also raises awareness of Malaria and other water-borne diseases, and precautions to take to help avoid catching such diseases.

Hoarding boards are key to the campaign, to help spread the message to the wider Joda populace, with the boards installed at prominent locations around the area.

This is an excellent example of how hoarding boards can be used not just to keep people safe around construction sites, but how they can also double-up as advertising solutions and host creative campaign materials.

Blank or empty boards in cities across the UK, for instance, could be used to great effect for the Chancellor’s ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme running through August, where patrons get discounts for eating at participating restaurants.

In a similar way to Tata Steel, eateries could invest in a board with creative campaign material attached to let patrons know that theirs is a participating restaurant, and also advertise their cleanliness measures in light of Coronavirus.

Not just restaurants either; other brands and shops can use boards in a similar way, with graphics detailing their Covid cleanliness policies, recommended distances to wait in the queue, opening hours, contact information and much more besides.

With the general consensus being that the pandemic is only temporary, an investment into a creative hoarding board could be a fantastic, cost-effective measure to keep shoppers and diners updated in the short-term.

And it’s not just brands and restaurants that could benefit; councils and wider community initiatives can also invest in boards, to keep residents and the public informed and updated on the latest measures they are taking to keep the area as safe and secure as possible.

If you do already have access to a hoarding board, or have access to some in the area that you wish to leave a creative stamp on, then our team can help you to adorn them with amazing creative messages for your brand.

Find out more about the incredible advertising benefits of hoarding boards by speaking to the Image Group today!


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