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Hoarding boards are a direct link to your sales team

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Hoarding boards can be a visual treat to passers-by if the design and messaging are right.

Hoarding boards could also be a useful way for companies to open lines of communications with potential leads in the local area.

Hoarding boards’ job is, typically, to ringfence an area of construction; to keep the general public safe and to keep your equipment secure on-site.

They can be so much more, though. With a little bit of flair and creativity, your hoarding boards can carry messaging on them that helps spike interest in your project, and generate leads if you have units to lease or sell.

Better yet, if you’re working with a third-party company as part of a sponsorship opportunity, you can produce something creative that gets word of your partnership out to people on a local level.

Are you a big brand that’s having new offices built and already provide a service to customers? Your boards could feature images of your products and information about how people can explore more about you online, and how you’re more cost-effective than the competition.

Also, if you’re looking for some local talent as part of a recruitment drive for your new premises, why not make that information explicit on your hoardings, alongside company benefits and the contact details of your recruitment team?

Similarly, if you do have units to sell – strong imagery alongside key information and contact details means that hoardings can evolve from a bland, standard safety precaution into a qualified lead generator that works for you on a local level.

That’s especially useful if it leads into a wider sales pipeline that utilises more modern contact methods. Why not make explicit that your tea can be contacted on WhatsApp, and allow people to begin a conversation with your reps through a QR code on your hoardings?

All of a sudden, you’re right in front of somebody who’s there, in front of your hoardings, and has shown an explicit interest in getting in touch.

Used in the right way, and in conjunction with other effective lead generation efforts – both on- and offline – hoardings can be extremely attention-grabbing and informative on a local level.

They can also be a key way to spread word of your brand, project, and what you’re bringing to the community, and be a point of contact to your sales team.

Find out more about the amazing lead generation potential hoarding boards have by speaking to the Image Group today!


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