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Help your business stand out with attractive tray and pan signs

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You’ll likely look at pan signs on a daily basis without realising.

They’re more than a trend; signs that are raised to give a three-dimensional look are an effective way to help a business attract the attention of passers-by, as well as being available with weatherproofing to help your brand’s investment go further.

It can be pretty uninspiring walking along the high street and seeing signs that do little to accentuate a brand. A sign may have a great logo and unique look, but in the daily rush it can be harder for those businesses to catch people’s attention.

That’s where we believe pan signs can help, by literally elevating signage from the building itself to accentuate a brand’s artwork and make it more visible to attract passing footfall.

Pan signs can also say a lot about the brand that commissions them for the outside or interior of their business. Signs with The Image Group are exceptionally well crafted and pristinely mounted to show local communities and targeted customers who you are and what you’re all about.

Not just from an external point of view either; pan and tray signs also look incredibly natural indoors, and look especially at home within creative businesses who want to improve the overall aesthetics of their operation.

Brands are only limited by their imagination and creativity when it comes to pan signs. They can be used in motivational ways, for instance, within the office space to inspire staff. They can be used to signpost departments, of course, but why not commission a pan sign that adorns a wall and features key portfolio items that the team has managed to create?

Pan signs with testimonials and creative messages can also be effective, too, and can also be complemented by other well-designed pieces of artwork such as wall decals, acrylic graphics and more to show off more of the overall business and wow visitors when they arrive.

Pan and tray signs can also be better from an investment point of view as opposed to a standard sign. We mentioned weatherproofing earlier; an attractive tray sign that has been weatherproofed could last longer than a flat sign made from standard materials that will wear and tear in poor conditions.

The Image Group is able to create high-quality pan and tray signs for any and every business to help you stand out. Contact our creative design team today for more information.


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