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Help spread the reboard gospel within your industry

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Reboard. It’s catching on, with those brands that invest in it often telling us how happy they are that they switched to it from plastic.

For the uninitiated, reboard is a material that is becoming a serious alternative to plastic in a lot of commercial settings.

That includes at retail, where brands across the world are switching their plastic POS systems and shelving to recycled and recyclable reboard which is strong, sturdy and fully customisable.

Reboard is also showing up in other commercial settings such as exhibitions and trade shows. Some radical brands have gone as far as to create branded furniture out of the recycled material!

We’ve already mentioned a couple of benefits such as its recycled nature, but there are plenty more.

Possibly the biggest is that it’s relatively easy for brands and retailers to switch from traditional plastics to the board and lower their carbon footprint.

Plastic waste is a serious global issue, and businesses both large and small are amongst the biggest polluters on an international level.

Though it might not seem obvious, making the switch from plastics to reboard could be the start of a wider conscious change for your business, and a way to actively work to reduce your carbon footprint.

Making the switch and working alongside an agency experienced in using the material creatively will also highlight you as a trailblazer in your industry.

You won’t just be making waves in your sector by switching to the material either; you’ll be making an active effort to encourage others around you to also make the switch and to reduce their own carbon footprint, too.

The quicker that business of all shapes and sizes make these types of switches – not just by switching from one material to another, but alongside making other changes, too – then the better an impact industry will have on the wider environment.

This material helps to do that in a way that doesn’t sacrifice on quality – people who see it at trade shows and exhibits often comment on how good it is and the range of creative applications that can be done with it.

As we’ve mentioned, some people have made chairs and tables from the board. Why not invest in it and see what you can do with it, and help raise awareness of one of the best ways to reduce a brand’s carbon footprint right now?

Find out more about the amazing creative and environmental benefits of reboard by speaking to the Image Group today!


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