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Greggs shows shop signage is an important part of your wider brand

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April fool’s may have been and gone, but we’ve recently come across an amazing piece of shop signage that’s no joke.

Just before Christmas last year, bakery chain Greggs captured column inches in the national press by playing around with its shop signage to the joy of selfie lovers everywhere.

So, what did they do? Greggs commissioned a sign where its lettering appeared backwards on its Northumberland Street branch.

They did so because of the incredible popularity of the Fenwick’s store opposite the branch. Fenwick’s is famous in the Newcastle area for its incredible Christmas window displays; by reversing their shop signage, the Greggs logo would appear the right way around in people’s pictures of Fenwick’s.

At the same time, Greggs pointed out that anybody taking a selfie of themselves in front of their Northumberland Street branch would see the logo, again, the right way around.

To many the move may seem a bit pointless; as we’ve mentioned though, it was a move that got national press recognition and was described in numerous marketing publications as ‘cheeky’.

That simple move of reversing their shop signage as well also spoke volumes about Greggs’ wider approach to marketing and reinforced the view of them being a fun, friendly brand that isn’t afraid to take risks.

A lot of people walking past Greggs – and even further beyond – will likely now think of and remember that stunt whenever they see their shop signage. It’s a great lesson that many brands can follow, and highlights that a shop’s sign isn’t just a bit of decoration, but an essential player in the story of your wider brand and what it stands for.

On the opposite side of the coin, fashion brand ZARA recently changed its logo which has met with criticism from some in the design world due to the lack of spacing between its lettering.

Whatever people may think of the design, if ZARA keep it, it’ll be the first thing its customers will see whenever they walk into one of their stores. ZARA must be confident that it’ll represent their wider brand and attract the people it wants to do business with most into the store.

Whatever you want your brand to say, the right shop signs are essential to telling that story and introducing people to your wider company values.

The Image Group’s signage experts can help you tell that story with beautiful, powerful and impactful shop signs. Contact our creative team today to find out more!


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