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Go beyond your creative limits with professional display printing

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Though growth of the internet has now made it a permanent fixture in the lives of billions of people, display printing is still one of the most creative and effective ways to advertise a product, service, company or other in a unique, creative way. We believe that when it comes to advertising through print, there are virtually no limits to what could be achieved.

Whoever you are and wherever you want to advertise, a professional approach to display printing means you’re only limited by your imagination. All it takes is one key creative angle to grab hold of somebody’s attention and never let go, sticking in their mind and encouraging them to talk to you to see if a professional relationship can be built.

At the Image Group, we use all sorts of mediums for all sorts of professional applications when it comes to display printing. Some of these include:


Printing is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to people, and we can offer display printing solutions for small endeavours such as batches of leaflets for a trade event to large-scale multi-format printing for more complex and wider-scale projects.


Display creation can be especially important to attracting footfall at events, whether it’s a pop-up stall at a shopping centre or a much larger exhibition design for a trade show. The right messaging and display construction is key to beginning a new journey with potential long-term customers.


To complement those exhibition displays, smaller display printing solutions can help to provide more information and advertise products and services in unique ways. Roller banners can be used time and again, for instance, while display furniture can really help to catch people’s eyes.


Looking to sell more products and items in-store? Promotional displays such as point-of-sale stands can help you do that, while promotional printing dedicated to letting people know about deals, vouchers and other loyalty promotions can also help you ethically collect organic consumer data.


Signs help you to stand out. You can go a step further than having a traditional sign with 3D-angled, illuminated pan signs suitable for indoor and outdoor use, have your signs covered in vinyl for a more creative touch, weatherproof your tray signs and much more besides to help get you noticed amongst the people who matter to you most.

We believe we have all the tools available to help you attract more people to your store or business, no matter its shape or size, and give them the absolute best information possible to help persuade them to become long-term friends who will help you grow over the coming years.

The Image Group’s professional creative printing team is here to help you break through the limits of your imagination and unlock the potential of your business with print solutions that work for you.

Find out more about how creative printing can help you grow your business by speaking to the Image Group team today!


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