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Give your business a lift with wall vinyls in the office

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Wall vinyls are a marvellous way to add visual flair to any and every office.

Especially for now in the UK, where Coronavirus restrictions have largely been lifted and people are starting to head back to the office, whether on a part- or full-time basis.

So many office units across the country have, by and large, remained empty for the last couple of years as the pandemic took hold. A lot of employees must feel a bit strange going back to office-based work!

Which is where wall vinyls can help. Wall vinyls are a fantastic way to add colour to office walls; sharp graphic designs and artwork is printed off and stuck to a wall, which can be easily removed at a later date if necessary.

Vinyls are far more affordable and quicker to commission than a long, complex paint job, and shouldn’t damage the interior of the unit you’re renting – especially if you work alongside an experienced creative partner.

So, why not create fun wall vinyls designed to thank your employees for all their hard work during the toughest stages of the pandemic when they’re welcomed back to the office?

Vinyls are also a brilliant way for businesses to reaffirm what it stands for and plan ahead in a visual way, setting goals and challenges for the months and years ahead.

For instance, why not create vinyls of how the business looked pre-pandemic, how it’s evolved from the start of the decade, and what the hopes for it are for the years ahead?

That could be done by way of a creative timeline of a wall, complemented by pictures of staff and portfolio items that you’re especially proud of.

That could lead into other vinyls of ways the business has evolved during the pandemic, and the things that will be focused on for growth and success for the foreseeable future.

As we’ve mentioned, vinyls are easy to remove and replace. Creating new challenges for your employees as a form of team bonding can be a great way to reforge team spirit as they go back to sharing a physical space together.

And don’t forget that the pandemic still isn’t over. In that sense, vinyls can be created to help people measure safe distances at work stations and highlight safe spaces, if that’s a policy that your company wants to pursue as we get back to some kind of normality.

Find out more about how creative use of wall vinyls can help your employees adjust to life back in the office by speaking to the Image Group today!


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