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Getting your outdoor event branding will be crucial as lockdown eases

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Outdoor event branding is going to be crucial to brands as lockdown restrictions ease, and it’s essential they get their approach right to increase business and keep people safe.

At the time of writing, lockdown has been lifted so that pubs and restaurants can begin operating again so long as they adhere to government guidelines and create safe environments for people.

Venues are open, too, although with restrictions in place including no live performances. The government also makes it clear that those operating venues should work closely with local authorities and neighbouring businesses to assess risk and apply mitigations.

There’s the possibility, though, that that could mean local businesses could provide outdoor events to small groups of customers, so long as they follow the guidelines and do everything within their power to keep people safe.

That’s where creative outdoor event branding will be critical as people adjust to the ‘new normal’. With summer on its way, too, there is every chance that businesses will be able to create outdoor stalls in a socially-responsible manner.

If this does indeed turn out to be the case then outdoor event branding will be so important to highlighting to people exactly how hard you’re working to keep people safe and what your team is doing to keep clean.

Outdoor event branding that encourages people to keep to a socially-acceptable distance in line with guidelines and encourages them to wash their hands regularly will be a big boost.

Not only will it encourage people to visit your business safely, but it will also show how seriously your brand is taking the pandemic and the lengths you’re going to to help stop its spread and keep people as safe as possible.

Outdoor event branding that complements that message of safety with offers, web addresses, email addresses and other contact information will also be helping to spread the brand’s wider reach, encouraging people to explore more about the brand online if they’re still worried about approaching stalls.

Outdoor event branding can also include things you may not of thought of, either. You can increase visitor confidence by creating a specialist station with hand sanitiser that people can use before they queue or engage with you.

You could also provide disposable gloves if you so wish; if you have gifts and goody bags to give out, then this can be done in a socially-distanced way with a booth or other branded station.

Find out more about setting your stall out to customers outside by speaking to the Image Group today!


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