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Get your message across with creative hoarding boards

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Hoarding boards are a fantastic safety solution for construction projects.

Hoarding boards that surround construction projects aren’t just a way to keep the public and passers-by safe, but they also help keep a protective fence around your workforce and are an effective way to shield building tools and materials from prying eyes.

We often write, though, about how – by working with the right provider and with a bit of creative vision – hoarding boards can do so much more; from informing the local community about the project and helping to generate leads.

Creative hoarding boards can also have another purpose, too. They can be used to inspire and educate people as part of social community projects.

A great recent example of this can be found in Ottawa, Canada. Boards have been erected around the wide perimeter of the Centre Block and the Parliament Welcome Centre construction site, which is currently being renovated.

The renovation is set to take the best part of a decade to complete, and has boards surrounding the iconic site while construction takes place.

However, many were concerned about one of the nation’s premier tourist sites being hidden by scaffolding for the foreseeable future.

So much so that National Capital Commission (non-voting) board member, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, said in 2017: "To have it simply wrapped around with a tarp and some scaffolding for 10 years is not acceptable …

“We want to make sure when the construction does start that it's wrapped with an image of the Parliament buildings so people can continue to take pictures."

Fast-forward to now and creative hoardings are set to be a solution that keeps the tourist area attractive and provides key information to locals and visitors alike.

The hoardings are set to feature artwork such as photographs of the area’s history alongside other content such as timelines and information about themes that matter to the nation.

A diverse range of artwork and views are set to be hosted on the hoardings, to be as inclusive to as many people as possible and promote Canada’s shared history.

Hoardings aren’t just a way to keep people safe or generate business. Forward-thinking councils and other such bodies can use the boards in a way to promote local talent and encourage people to learn more about the diversity of a region’s history.

Find out more about the incredible educational potential hoarding boards have and how you can use them by speaking to the Image Group today!


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