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Get more out of offices and construction projects with creative building wraps

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Seeing construction projects can be something of a double-edged sword for a local community. On the one hand, scaffolding everywhere can offer a lot of excitement. It shows that the local area is being invested in, new projects are opening up to the wider community and the region as a whole is being catered for and modernised.

On the other side though, long-term building projects – especially if many are occurring at the same time – can make a local area feel like a building site. Seeing scaffolding everywhere can be pretty uninspiring, despite its necessity to the project as a whole.

Investing in building wraps can offer an incredible number of advantages to business undertaking building projects, and construction companies who wish to better advertise their products and services. Similar to side hoardings, building wraps can be commissioned to cover scaffolding and complement building projects in unique, creative ways.

A specialist provider can help create a commercial message for your building wraps, supersizing artwork and employing other creative messages to produce something incredibly attractive and eye-catching.

The benefits are numerous; probably the biggest is that commercial projects and brands can be advertised in unique, creative ways to the local community, better than them having to see scaffolding every time they walk past…

Building wraps can also act as a health and safety shield, increasing protection for staff, especially for those working on larger scale projects. So, who’s using building wraps in practical ways to improve the appearance of their building projects?

At the end of February, the largest building wrap ever seen in the UK was unveiled in London’s affluent Belgravia. An office block is being converted into a health clinic at Grosvenor Place, and a building wrap has been commissioned to showcase images of what the final project will look like instead of people having to look at a construction site all day.

The wrap will stay in place until 2020, measures 3,572 m2 and could cover Buckingham Palace with 1,000 m2 left over. It’s an impressive achievement, but aesthetically makes sense, especially in an area such as Belgravia.

Wraps aren’t only there to hide projects either, as the University of Wollongong is showing. They’re commissioning building wraps in an effort to make their new accommodation more “innovative and inspiring” showing that creative building wraps can be a fantastic aesthetic solution that solves numerous problems.

Find out more about the benefits of building wraps for your business by speaking to the Image Group today.


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