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Generate leads for empty units with building wraps

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Building wraps are a great way to advertise a brand, make a construction site a lot cleaner, and create a natural safety boundary between the public and the project site.

We’ve written many times before about the amazing advertising benefits of building wraps, especially when it comes to getting your branding across to the local population in a highly-visible way.

We want to dig a little bit deeper on that here, and give a brief overview of building wraps in a lead generation sense.

They can be especially useful in a lead generation sense for large-scale construction projects where there’s a need to create interest and inquiries around units that will be created and sold at a later date.

Working with the right graphic design partner with a strong understanding of creative lead generation is essential to creating effective building wraps that work for you and your project.

How? Initial interest has to go into your sales funnel somehow, and it’s likely most of your efforts will be done online where a website combined with a social targeting strategy will be working to generate interest and collect lead information transparently.

Creative wraps around your project can complement this sales strategy (and others), acting as another way to generate local interest from passers-by who may be interested in finding out about units for sale, whether residential or commercial.

Wraps can contain detailed imagery and information of the project and what the finished units will look like, alongside information such as their size and how many people they can accommodate.

They can go so much further, though. Why not include QR codes, for instance, on the design of the wraps that people can scan with their phones?

That could direct them to a standalone website where they can enter their information to find out more information to be contacted by a sales rep. QR codes could also lead them to information that they can download, such as a PDF brochure of the wider project to help educate them further.

Similarly, calls to action can be placed on the wraps that can be scanned that create template emails for people to send to your sales team, or to instantly connect them to a sales advisor if they wish to find out more information there and then.

This and other creative lead generation techniques can be incorporated to any building wraps for every project. Contact the Image Group today to find out more!


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