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Gear up for Christmas with creative outdoor event branding

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Outdoor event branding is something that businesses both small and large should be considering now with the season fast approaching.

We may only just be rolling into autumn now, but it’s the perfect time to prepare for the Christmas season with strong outdoor event branding – especially as this season promises to be one like no other.

Experienced retailers know that outdoor event branding for Christmas has to be done a good few months in advance, to strategise and build as strong a creative presence as possible, and commission it so banners and stands are well prepared and ready to go.

And, with life slowly returning to normal across the UK thanks in large part to the success of the vaccine rollout, there is every chance that this will be the first Christmas in a while where people can come together and celebrate in Christmas markets and other outdoor events.

If all goes to plan, that is. The nation is still learning to live with the virus and the UK government is reportedly taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to winter, to see how things progress as 2021 draws to a close.

Current signs indicate, though, that things are remaining steady and the Christmas season will be given the green light to go ahead as normal, hence why brands across the country are already starting to plan their outdoor event branding for markets and other festive gatherings.

It also provides an opportunity for brands whose products and produce is more suited to the Christmas season to rebrand properly, refresh their brand and provide a new visual approach in what will hopefully be a safe, secure Christmas that operates without the threat of lockdown.

That can include branded graphics and other measures that have been refreshed to drive leads online through QR codes, to encourage passers-by to sign up to your newsletter or discover more about who you are and what you sell online.

As we are still learning to live with the virus, too, it may be an idea to create branded graphics for your outdoor event that encourage caution; to ask people to consider wearing masks and stand a safe distance apart, while also advertising the work you’re doing to keep people safe, such as regularly cleaning surfaces and your brand’s own Covid policies.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of planning your Christmas outdoor event branding now by speaking to the Image Group today!


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