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Gear up for a pivotal summer of sales with outdoor event branding

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While the UK is still officially in a pandemic, life and society in general has gone back to something like normal for the vast majority of people.

Especially since the end of Covid restrictions; legal requirements for a vast number of restrictions across the union have expired, meaning shops are open again and friends and family are meeting up to have fun.

This summer, too, is predicted to be a scorcher, which is why we bring up outdoor event branding. You don’t need us to tell you how hard the last couple of years have been for businesses across virtually every vertical…

Coming off a relatively warm spring, the nice weather and lack of restrictions will no doubt mean that people will be out in groups around parks, beaches and other public areas over the coming months.

This is where planning strong, creative outdoor event branding campaigns right now can help businesses to get back on their feet, capture potential leads and grow.

Planning outdoor event branding campaigns with a specialist agency that knows how to create effective messaging in outside areas right now will see you ready for the summer months – and even beyond if you’d like to plan a Christmas campaign for winter markets.

A specialist will help you to refine your message in creative ways to attract targeted leads and passers-by in outdoor settings, encouraging them to come over to your stall to talk to your team or learn more about your service.

There are so many ways this can be done outdoors, from banners to flags and making use of many other materials to draw the eye.

A specialist will also combine these methods with the digital, including QR codes, WhatsApp numbers and other ways that people can learn more about you, leave their details or make inquiries online.

And, if you’ve never tried this before, don’t worry – a specialist agency will be with you all the way, and can even help you create outdoor branding and events from the ground up to help raise awareness of who you are and what you do.

This summer could be critical to the future of many brands and businesses, and be an indicator for any future growth. Making an impact on local audiences outdoors this summer could be the best thing you ever do.

Find out more about the amazing business benefits of outdoor event branding by speaking to the Image Group today!


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