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Gauging the tone with creative event branding is key to success

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It’s crucial to get your event branding right when your brand is exhibiting, not only to attract the people you want to speak to most but to also gauge the wider tone.

For instance, not everybody is entirely enamoured with festivals such as Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading. Though fun for many, big festivals can leave a lot of people feeling cold.

If that’s the case though, there are plenty of other places for them to venture to for fun, as the Sun points out. The UK has numerous ‘alternative festivals’ across the country over the course of 2019, and have offerings as diverse as different types of yoga (Wilderness) to coastal fun (OceanFest).

Like the major, more well-known festivals, these alternatives and many others like them will have sponsors and branded vendors supporting and exhibiting.

Festivals such as these are a great way to diversify your audience and interact with potential new customers to get them to sample products, distribute marketing materials, offer experiential events and more.

It’s essential though to create outdoor event branding to not only get your message across, but to also offer a more targeted, creative message designed especially for the people at the alternative event you’re exhibiting at.

Take Wilderness, for instance. With a schedule of yoga, it doesn’t make sense to set up with event branding that’s wild, loud and brash. You stand a greater chance of building the right audience by properly profiling the event’s attendees, what they like and what they tend to avoid.

At an event like Wilderness, event branding that complements your business with a message of mindfulness is more likely to get you noticed by attendees, especially if you do so with an honest, transparent approach.

The same for OceanFest; if it’s a coastal-themed festival, event branding that highlights your company’s policy around recycling and how it approaches environmental issues can be a positive way to attract people who really care about keeping the planet safe and clean.

When it comes to outdoor events (and even events in general) it’s wise to evolve your brand and its message to reflect the wants and needs of the audience you’re exhibiting to. Outdoor branding for events can be an amazing way to attract new audiences if you’re inclusive and welcoming with your messaging.

Find out more about the amazing potential of outdoor branding and how you can attract the audiences most relevant to you by speaking to the Image Group today.


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