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Five amazing ways card engineering can help you at trade shows and exhibitions

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With the right strategy, card engineering can help your brand transition away from traditional plastics such as POS displays and temporary shelving. It’ll help you cut your carbon footprint and set you on your way to becoming a cleaner, greener brand.

And now that brands are allowed to exhibit at trade shows again, due to the easing of the pandemic, what better way to show your green card engineering credentials to a new audience?

Card engineering is its own reward. As well as working to reduce your brands carbon footprint, others – footfall and B2B clients alike – will see that you’re actively working to help the environment. People appreciate that effort, and word will spread.

There are many different types of engineered card that can be used at trade shows and events. Here are five that we think will get you noticed:

  • Reboard: Reboard is a phenomenal alternative to plastic shelving and POS stands. It’s a tough, recyclable material that can be fashioned into anything you see fit. Why not create whole stands out of reboard or create an interactive display that’ll set you apart on the show floor?
  • Printed reception desk: The reception desk is typically the first thing people will see when they visit your booth at a trade show. Start as you mean to go on – a printed reception desk engineered out of card puts your green credentials front and centre, and is a great focal point.
  • Printed furniture: If you have the space, then having furniture at your booth is a great draw for the crowds. Why not go a step further and have furniture engineered out of card, such as comfortable printed seating and a printed coffee table featuring your brand logo and colours?
  • POS shelving displays: Have a lot of merchandise you’d like to give out on the day such as gifts and brochures? POS shelving displays engineered out of card are as strong as their plastic counterparts and can be even more attractive. Why not include QR codes to direct people online, too?
  • POS shaped shelving displays: Similarly, why just have shelves that look like standard shelving units? With a bit of imagination, a bespoke POS shaped shelving display can look like anything you want it to be, to better advertise specific products and information in a fun, unique way.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of card engineering at trade shows by speaking to the Image Group today!


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